7 unscientific tricks to improve your mood*

No scientific nonsense here (gratitude journal, meditation – begone!), only fun stuff.


* Ok, if something really bad happens, it’s not gonna help. But if the stupid day-to-day petty stuff is bringing you down, go ahead and give it a try.

No scientific nonsense here (gratitude journal, meditation – begone!), only fun stuff. Besides, did you know that science says putting a pencil in your mouth will make you happy?

How’s that working for you, Angela?

So, ready or not, let the countdown begin!

7. Watch a 70’s video clip, like Marie Osmond & Andy Gibb, or Debbie Boone or Abba or the Bee Gees… or pick your favorite: Shawn, Rod, Captain and Tennille (and please do share). The hair, the flair (Jeez, the 60’s were soooo much cooler!)

Bee Gees.jpg  debbie-boone

6. Jump up and down for 30 seconds while smiling (thanks, Serge!) Do it with someone fun, like your kids or your dog if you have ’em.

5. Say “bubble” in your most angry voice (thanks Cri, surprisingly effective!)

Yeah, you heard me. Bubble!

4. Go outside, look up at the sky and hold your arms out in front of you, palms uplifted. Take a few deep breaths, smile about being alive, at this very instant (this one is for my dear friend, Chantal).

3. Dance and sing along enthusiastically to music you secretly like but would never admit to out loud (I bet it’s Abba, isn’t it?) Right now, I’d choose this one cause it reminds me of dancing around with my friend Lyndi in high school.

Closet Abba fans, you are not alone

2. Send a nice postcard to someone who you don’t know.

1. Download a chipmunk voice changer to your smartphone, then record yourself complaining about whoever/whatever pissed you off at work and play it back. Hahahahaha!

There you go. I only had 3 tricks up my sleeve when I started this post. My challenge was to come up with 7; welcome to the rabbit hole of my inspiration. Plus I asked a couple of people (they had pretty good suggestions, so I’m going to ask around some more and maybe one day do a follow up). Any tricks you’d care to share?

Have a great week.

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